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VIP Talent & Events is always looking to bring our clients the latest and greatest technology to engage with consumers and help brands engage directly with their target audiences. We know that we can assist in bringing your programs to the next level with our newest products.


With our digital marketing campaigns we tap into interactive technology that takes events from standard to outstanding. We create live brand experiences and activations that will elevate your brands and help you directly engage with consumers in an impactful way. From consumer insights to brand awareness campaigns, content creation to simply just giving your customers a quirky way to interact with you and your brands, we can deliver for you. 


With our technology, our units offer:

1.  Data Capture & Analytics
2.  Personalization & Fully Customizable Features including Surveys 

3.  Security, Keeping you GDPR Compliant (including compliance with USA Data Capture Laws)

Our digital photo experiences put users fully in control, allowing them to choose the experience they want and giving them an immersive brand experience they won’t forget. Each of our units has a unique, breathtaking design that makes guests stop in their tracks. Offering photo captures, gifs, Boomerangs, customizable branded emoji's & animations, including sharing through text, email, and social media.

All of our units can be custom wrapped and come with road cases for travel.

Both the Digi M and the Palladium Digital Booths can be stationary or can be removed from their stands for an even more interactive experience.

They can be hand held or even hung on a wall to bring the experience anywhere, any time, at any event.

The first video showcases the Digi M Booth- the Palladium is premiered in the second video.

Among our units, we offer the Mirror Interactive Digital Booth which stands 5 feet tall with a timeless, stunning design. 

Our larger model is the XL Mirror. Bringing the latest advances in technology together, the XL Mirror stands at a breathtaking 6 feet tall (including a version as large as 7.25 feet tall) and features an all-mirror design that will bring the wow factor to any event and give consumers an experience like no other. 
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Tel: 804-938-8282


PO Box 1739

Midlothian, VA 23113

VIP Photo Experiences

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