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VIP Digital 

The VIP Digital is designed to pack a punch with the social savvy, selfie-loving audience.

Selfie & Share

This chic, digital photo experience offers users the opportunity to capture selfies, create Boomerangs and GIFs, but even more importantly – all user-generated content can be shared directly to social media.


Watch as social media comes alive with images, Boomerangs and GIFs shared straight from the VIP Digital to Instagram, Facebook, Twitter as well as via email and text.


VIP Mirror

Designed to capture the perfect selfie, the VIP Mirror delivers an unforgettable consumer experience.

The latest in customizable technology, the Mirror features a camera hidden behind a touch-enabled full-length mirror, allowing users to see themselves as they take show-stopping branded selfies.

User Experience

A customized user experience guides participants through the process as they interact with the VIP Mirror touch screen and all the interactive features.


Consumers see their reflection, pose, play and of course interact with your branded content as they create the perfect selfie in the Mirror.

Mirror bright .jpg

VIP Palladium

Designed for digital natives, the VIP Palladium experience brings the cool straight to consumers and taps into their love of sharing.

On-trend and looping every consumer in on the fun, the VIP Palladium can be used as a standing, roaming or wall mount – giving a 3-in-1 photo marketing experience your audience can’t help but notice.

VIP Palladium creates GIFs, Boomerangs and video content that is 40 times more likely to be shared online!

VIP 360X

Delivering 360 degrees of immersive, innovative and unforgettable fun, the VIP 360X is the

ultimate in event entertainment. Capturing videos, GIFs and Boomerangs from every angle.


Individuals and groups hop onto a branded platform and go wild as they are captured by our high-spec, rotating technology.


Users will have fun making cool video content, which they can share instantly via email, mobile or directly to Instagram!


Users love their moment in the spotlight and brands love the immersive and shareable experience the VIP 360X offers.

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